Finding your values podcast In my latest podcast I share the process I learnt to elicit your values. I talk about it in the context of career and business. The short version of the podcast is this: Ask yourself "what's most important to me in the context of business" Do it three times over, resulting in three distinct... Continue Reading →

It's been a while since I have read something in the paperback format, I'm optimistic for this book though. Preface was great, I love the reference to using stories to communicate strategy. The chopstick..... that's so I can practice my speed reading.

How they find out if you can be hypnotised

A hypnotist will often do a suggestibility test with you, they would say something like this… “Now we are going to do some suggestibility tests to determine your level of suggestibility. There is no pass/fail. Everybody does wonderfully. I’m sure, you’ll do fine.” Postural Sway The postural sway is something you can do to your... Continue Reading →

What to expect from a hypnosis session

If you have decided you want to be hypnotised, make sure the following exists between you and your hypnotist: You must consent / agree to be hypnotised. There must be good communication between you and your hypnotist. Make sure you are in a safe and secure environment. There must be trust between you and your hypnotist. You should... Continue Reading →

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