When we come up against a challenge in any situation, aside from freaking out and getting angry; there are three key ways (in the context of NLP meta programs) that we might go about responding to a challenge.

We will think about it, feel something or make a choice.

“Tell me about a work situation that gave you trouble. How did you respond to it?”

Do you think through what has happened in detail, analysing every thing that has happened?

Do you have a physical reaction, a feeling that runs through your body?

Do you make a choice about how it will affect you and take that course of action?

Knowing some one else’s challenge response filter will enable you to work with it, as opposed to coming up against constant barriers.

When you have noticed how someone reacts to a challenge an you know their filter, try saying the following.

Thinking = “As you consider the situation, you’ll realise how you need to…”

Feeling = “I know have strong feelings about this situation, and…….”

Choice = “You can decide how you want to respond to…”

Rock and Roll


PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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