Personal development body of knowledge (PDBOK) is my collection of personal development (PD) tools, strategies and techniques that I have found useful in my life and that can help people make positive changes.

The reason why this website exists is to provide people with access to PD content in one place, be it a NLP practitioner that is looking for a technique, a hypnotist that wants quick access to a script or someone is looking for their next PD book to read.

What you will find on this website includes:

  • Techniques them selves
  • Links to self analysis tools
  • Reading lists
  • Reference to different types of PD modalities

And anything else I can find that relates to personal development.

This content is for your personal development, just reading some of the techniques on this website is not enough to make you ‘trained’ on how to use them. This content is to introduce you to what is possible and available. I ask that if you come across a technique that you are unsure of, reach out and ask for more information or training.

I also ask that you link to the content on this website and avoid copying content verbatim.

If you have questions or you would like to know more? Fill in the form below and I will get back to you.

Use the same form if you want me to add links to other PD content that you think has been valuable to you.




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