Robert is an experienced consultant who has worked for the last twelve years’ developing his ability to help individuals and businesses succeed. His experience includes delivery management, business analysis, user research, business architecture, business strategy, training delivery, agile coaching and mentoring. Robert’s style is honest, flexible, empathetic, practical and results focused. Robert has a proven track record of quickly integrating with a new team, rapidly understanding the environment and delivering outcomes to his customers. He focuses on creating positive connections with people, adding value and getting on with the job.

He is passionate about helping people find fulfilment in the work they do, be it a contract role or permanent opportunity. Leveraging his obsession with personal development and self-analysis he helps people discover their passion, values and goals to help them find work they love.

His training includes:

– NLP Master Practitioner
– Hypnosis (Indirect and Direct Induction)
– Reading Micro Expressions and Body Language
– Presentation and Platform Skills

Current focus:
– His Wife and Children
– Stoic Philosophy
– Mindfulness
– Growing a successful team
– Helping people find work they love

He is currently looking to connect with two types of people.
People that want to make a difference in this world, that want to find meaning in the work they do and do meaningful work. People that know a consultancy is where they can do that.

The second type of person is an individual that is trying to figure out what their strengths are, what they value and where they fit into the workforce. Someone that knows they have value to give, but are not sure how to define it and find work they will love.

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