Stoic Sprint Planning

How the stoics would have completed sprint planning.

Self Analysis

In order to make positive and sustainable changes in our lives we must first understand who we are right now. The following process is a simple one and all it requires is for you to write. To start uncovering 'you', all you need to do is write about the area of your life you want... Continue Reading →

What is your focus?

You may have just read the blog on focus, if you did you might also like to think through the statements below and flex your analysis muscles. What is the focus for each of these statements, is the focus on what you do want or on what you don't want? Rock and Roll Rob PS.... Continue Reading →

Sensory Awareness 

Sensory awareness is being able to read the subtle physiological changes our bodies make when we think or feel certain things. As things change internally, small changes can occur externally that indicate something has changed in what a person is thinking. There are 5 areas where visible shifts may occur to indicate an internal change... Continue Reading →

The Memory Palace or Roman Room

Today's Mastermind topic is on memory once again, this time though we are going to use the classic Roman Room method. A method that Roman senators would use to recount statistics of their city to aid in their bid for support from the senate. Through the ability to recount so much information on their citizens... Continue Reading →

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