What the VAK did you say?

This activity is to help you hone your ability to identify what representational system a person might be. You will be listening for and recording any visual (V), Auditory (A), Kinaesthetic (K) and Auditory Digital (Ad) language you hear a person use over the phone. To complete this activity, have a note pad and pen... Continue Reading →

Preferred Representational System Questions

I have already talked about Preferred Representational Systems in a previous blog, and we have covered it to death in the face to face mastermind sessions. What has not gone up is the test we did to figure out your preferred rep system. So take a moment to fill in the activity below and I'll... Continue Reading →

VAK Observation Activity

A lot has been covered in the mastermind face to face sessions so far. One of the early topics was communication styles, one of the strategies I suggest to improve you ability to notice the different ways people communicate is below.  This process is used to increase your sensory awareness so as you can start... Continue Reading →

Coaching Assessment

If you have been thinking about getting help to make positive changes in your life, but are not ready to pay for help or even talk to some one other than google. Have a look at the sort of questions a coach might ask you to start identifying areas to work on. The questions below... Continue Reading →

Perceptual Positions

This activity is perfect for thinking out of the box, for connecting with someone you will probably never meet, for exploring issues between you and someone else. As well as a very effective way for resolving issues between you and someone else. It requires you to think outside of the box, and expand your thinking.... Continue Reading →

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