Personal Retrospective

To complete an evening retrospective, the Stoics would ask: How did I stray away from serenity, How was I unfriendly, uncaring and unsocial to others, What did I fail in, What bad habits did I curb, How am I better today, than I was yesterday, We’re my actions just, and What can I do to improve.

The Day Adulting Started

Do you remember what it was like when you first entered the workforce? I don't mean your first job, the one for a family member or friend. Not the one where you knew nothing about anything and had to learn everything for the first time. I'm talking about your first job that triggered responsibility. The... Continue Reading →

Anchoring Script

Anchoring State Elicitation “Can you recall a time when you were totally (desired state), do you remember a specific time? As you go back to that time now, go right back to that time, float down into you body and see what you saw, hear what you heard, and really feel the feelings of being... Continue Reading →

Looking for a mentor?

In a recent article for 'The Shaker' I wrote about the idea of 'rethinking mentoring'. Central to the idea is the use of books. Looking through my current audio book history, I 20 different books by 13 different authors. All of which I would consider are my mentors, the content varies from personal development, to... Continue Reading →

Workmate or colleague?

There are two types of people you work with, workmates and colleagues. A workmate is someone you: have had a beer with, get coffee, have lunch with (by choice), have shared a personal stories with, and laugh with a fair bit. It's also probable that you share the same ideas about your job and the... Continue Reading →

Thanks a lot Qantas!

Don't you hate it when you are on a plane, seated in your seat and some person puts their arse right on you. WTF! It happened to me a couple of days ago and all I can think to my self is, pay attention to what is going around you. I want my flight without arse in... Continue Reading →

I hate you and this program!

I use to be a trainer for an IT program, not just any, but a really boring one. The sort of thing that people hated to use.  On top of it being boring, people were forced to attend training, which had them even more excited to be there.  This one time, a trainee rocked up,... Continue Reading →

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