The CEO Program

The program
The program

Do you want to leave your current role for a new one? Do you want to transition into an entirely new industry? Do you want to dominate in your current industry?

I want to help you develop your personal ‘Pillars of Practical Strategy’ (POPS).

I believe every person, regardless of industry, should work towards becoming CEO of their career. Going through the process of developing your individual strategy so you know what to put effort into, when it comes to taking action and getting it done.

In the ‘Become CEO of Your Career’ program you will work to develop each POPS and ultimately design your perfect career.

In this program you will develop each pillar:

Career like a Business

Together, we will work to run your career like a business. Through regular catchups, workshops and seminars, you will develop your POPS and build a career operating rhythm to ensure you dominate in your career.


  • Daily catchups
  • Weekly reviews
  • Monthly planning sessions
  • Quaterly meetings
  • Annual seminars

You will learn everything you need to succeed.

Are you interested in finding our more? Reach out and we can start a conversation about becoming CEO of your career.