Pain Control

We have all heard that pain is in the mind. This is an example script that might help control some of that pain.


If done right, hypnosis can be used to control pain (real or percieved). This script is an example of the process a practitioner might use to achieve ‘Pain Control’.

Keys to Pain Control

Prior to doing pain control, ALWAYS have the individual indicate what their level of pain is on a scale from 0-100. This will give you the ability to calibrate at the end of the process how much the pain has descended.

When doing a “glove anesthesia” in which the individual imagines part of their body going numb, it is best to “anesthetize” a part far away from the pain. This makes it easier to transfer the anesthesia later. For example, use the hand for this process, providing it not the hand itself where they experience pain.

It is also key here as in any hypnotic induction that you are totally congruent with your own suggestions that the hand is “totally numb … totally and completely numb.”


Steps to Pain Control

1) Pre frame difference between anaesthesia and analgesia.

“Anesthesia is where there is no feeling, analgesia is where there is feeling, but no pain. We’ll shoot for anesthesia, but if we hit analgesia would that be OK?”

2) Once in trance, lead them into a “sub-induction” such as a winter wonderland where you can do a “glove anesthesia,” creating a scenario in which the individual sticks their hand into a snow bank until it is “totally and completely numb.”

3) When the individual affirms their hand is getting numb, let them know you are going to touch it to test:

“In a moment I’m going to begin working with your hand … you may feel me working, but it won’t bother … “

Pinch the back of their hand while continuing suggestions of extreme cold until they verify that the hand is numb. (The hand may become physically cold, but not always.)

4) Once the hand is sufficiently numb, begin to have them flow a river of anesthesia from that hand to the place in their body where they require pain control:

“While you conscious mind continues to flow the river of anesthesia, I want to speak directly to your unconscious right now. If your conscious mind wants to listen in, that’s okay, or it can just continue to flow the river or anesthesia … but I want to speak directly to your unconscious now … “

5) Thank the unconscious mind for creating the pain:

“I’d like to thank you. Thank you for creating the pain. You’ve done a wonderful job in creating the pain … and one thing that I know is that pain serves a purpose. So thank you FOR CREATING THAT

6) Talk about paying attention vs. paying with pain:

“I know that in life, we either pay attention, OR we pay with pain. So the only reason we might experience pain, is because at some level you’ve failed to pay attention to the needs, the wants, and the desires of your body … AT SOME LEVEL.”

7) Pace and lead them to begin paying attention:

“Oh, and by the way, the very fact that you’re sitting where you’re sitting, listening to the sound of my voice, thinking those thoughts you’re thinking, and going through this process means… YOU’RE PAYING ATTENTION … “

8) Focus on healing the body:

“So now that you’re paying attention … wouldn’t it make more sense to focus your energies on healing the body rather than hurting the body? Wouldn’t that make more sense? … So go ahead and LET IT GO .. .let go of the pain … just let it all go!”

9) While individual remains in trance, check in to get their current level of pain,

“Now just because I like to check in from time to time to see where you’re at on a scale from zero to one hundred where are you now?”

10) Their level of pain should drop down immediately. If client does not give number below 50% on pain scale after some continued suggestions of the “river of anesthesia,” address any possible secondary gain:

“Now I know that sometimes some people get some form of emotional benefit by having pain … now you may wonder ‘what kind of benefit could somebody get by having pain?’ and I don’t know, some people get out of work by having pain, some people get love, or get themselves to slow down by having pain. Now I’m not saying this is the case with you, but just in case just in case there is any emotional benefit to having the pain l’d like to suggest that you absolutely deserve that benefit you absolutely deserve it and I’d also like to suggest that over the next seven nights your unconscious can dream a wondrous dream and provide you with three alternative ways to achieve the same benefit that you used to get from the pain … now you may be wondering what those ways will be … oh I don’t know .. .it might be something as simple as throwing a ball for a puppy, or taking time out fro yourself, or reading a book I don’t know but over the next seven nights you will dream and your unconscious will provide you with three alternative ways of achieving the same benefit that the pain used to give you And now just because I like to check in from time to time to see where you’re at … on a scale from O-lOO where are you now?”

11) Whatever their response, use the number as a gauge for later progress. Meanwhile, install a new strategy for dealing with pain:

“In the future should experience any pain, I’d like to suggest that you can just STOP. And begin to pay attention begin to PAY ATTENTION to the needs, the wants and desires of your body … “

Repeat this suggestion 3 times before bringing them up and out of trance

12) Count back up, in a moment I’m going to count from 1-5. as I count you will awaken 20% with each count.

  1. Locking these suggestions deep at the unconscious level.
  2. Feeling a sense of vibrancy and alertness returning.
  3. Wondering what it will be like to look with new eyes
  4. Coming all the way up now and
  5. Wide awake, wonderfully refreshed, wide awake