Anchoring gives you the ability to call upon pase emotions, experiences and feelings to shape how you are in any moment.


Based on the reasearch conducted by Ivan Pavlov on conditioned responses.


All types of anchors are built of the same foundational elicitation. The following is the script fro eleciting a state. The thing that changes is how you want to set up an anchor.

“Can you recall a time when you were totally (desired state), do you remember a specific time? As you go back to that time now, go right back to that time, float down into you body and see what you saw, hear what you heard, and really feel the feelings of being totally_________!”



Resource anchor

Stack multiple positive states in one location like the ear lobe or knuckle. States such as:

  • powerful
  • playful
  • loved
  • fall down laughing
  • confident

Collapse anchor

Choose a negative state to eliminate & the powerfully positive state’s needed to replace the negative.

  • Elicit and anchor the positive state’s on one knuckle 5+ times
  • Elicit and anchor the negative state on the next knuckle one time
  • Fire both simultaneously until integration is complete
  • Release the negative anchor, while continuing to hold the positive anchor
  • Release the positive anchor 5 seconds later

Testing the anchor by answering:

“So the next time you (encounter the trigger) what happens?”

Neural bridge

Used for moving someone from Procrastination to Motivation, Fear to Confidence, Anger to Playfulness, Frustration to Calm or Feeling stuck with no options to being excited about all possibilities.

Bridge design

  • Decide on the first and last state
  • Criteria for intermediate states: First intermediate state can be away from motivated, all intermediate states must have movement, what will be a sufficiently intense state to move the chain onto the next state?
  • Second to last state must be towards motivated, the state should be self-initiated, should NOT be how they already do it & should be a natural progression.

Steps to a neural bridge

Choose the undesirable state that you want to change and choose the desired end state, identify 2-3 states in between that can be utilised to successfully create movement from one state to the next.

  • Elicit each state and stack each anchor separately on the individual knuckles 3 times each, break state between each anchor and test each stacked anchor separately.
  • Chain states to each other by firing the 1st state, when the first state peaks fire the 2nd anchor simultaneously and then release the 1st .
  • Hold 2nd anchor. When 2nd state peaks, fire the 3rd anchor simultaneously; then release the 2nd , hold 3rd anchor, when 3rd state peaks, fire the 4th anchor simultaneously, then release the 3rd and hold onto the 4th, until the 4th peaks then release the 4th.
  • Test by touching the 1st knuckle and firing the 1st link in the bridge. The client should chain through all the states and wind up in the desired state.

Future pace

Ask the following to see if the anchor has worked, validating the future response.

“Can you think of an indefinite time in the future where in the past you may have experienced that old state, and notice what happens for you now.”

Ring of power

One of the presuppositions of NLP is that each of us has all the resources we need inside of ourselves. The ring of power or circle of excellence is a techniques that allows us to access our innate resources that we retrieve from our unconscious mind. The ring of power is a resource anchor that is useful in many circumstances.

The process

Start by imagining a circle a couple of feet infront of you, this is the ring of power. Then project a number of powerful positive states into the circle infont of you. Now:

  • Remember a time when you were totally _________ (eg motivated) and when you are totally ________ (motivated), then step into the ring.
  • When the state begins to subside then step out of the ring
  • Add additional desired states in the same way
  • When done adding all states, step into the ring of power and test
  • Step out of the ring and test