Expanding ‘I Am’

Have you got a limited view of yourself? When you think ‘I Am’, is it positive or negative? Would you like to expand your I Am view so you can get you where you want to be?


Used for “I am” statements that are negative or limiting.


Write down your negative ‘I Am’ thoughts or statements.

Ask yourself the following:

“So you are _______________________________________________(I am statement)

Is that all you think you are?

Aren’t you more than that?

What are you that’s more than ____________________________ (previous identification?)

“And beyond ______________________________________(last words used), what are you?

Is that all you are? How much more are you than that? You do know you are more than that, don’t you?

How do you know?

So what were you pretending to not know in order to have though that you had that old problem?”