Indicators of Rapport

How do you know if you have created rapport with someone?


There are multiple things you can look for that are indicators of rapport. Utilising your skills of sensory accuity you will be able to notice these subtle changes.


There are four key things to notice that indicate rapport:

A Color Shift

Using sensory acuity you can calibrate and notice a shift in skin color from light to dark. This will generally be the first thing to notice

An Internal Feeling

A feeling of excitement, good feeling about the person or good intuition about them which can be before or after the color shift

A Question of Familiarity

The person may ask a question like

            “You remind me of my best mate in….”

            “Have we met before?”


The key indicator of rapport is the ability to lead a person. This is the main purpose for creating rapport, it is to establish responsiveness and trust to the place where you can lead a person’s movements, internal pictures, thoughts and imagination.