Learning Strategies

Do you know the best state to be in to learn something? Did you know you can create it?


All learning is state-dependent. In other words… The key to an effective learning strategy is: HAVE FUN


Steps to an Effective Learning Strategy

  1. Begin in a positive state. Thinking of a time when you learned something easily. Anchor that state as many times as necessary to create a resourceful state. “Think of a time when you succeeded at learing something easily and rapidly.”
  2. Chunk down to a manageable task to avoid overwhelm.
  3. Know your desired outcome. “How will you know when you have learned this?”
  4. Make appropriate comparisons that give you a sens of accomplishment. i.e. don’t compare your rate of integrating of material to that of Albert Einstein’s or don’t compare your knowledge to your teacher’s
  5. Manage expectations. Expect to still have other things you don’t understand. Stay excited about learning them later.
  6. Exit before static moves from positive to negative so that you will want to return where you left off. Do not reinforce negative associations with learning.
  7. Acknowledge outcome. Anchor it with positive self-talk. Eliminate modal operators of necessity in regards to learning i.e “I must get this or else…” or “I should know the answer.”
  8. Future pace and link to future.