Love Strategies

Even love has its own strategy.


It is when one person is not fulfilling anothers strategy that we find issues.


  1. Elicit each other’s love strategy by asking
    1. Can you remember a time when you knew you were totally loved? A specific time?
    2. As you think of that time, in order to know that you are totally loved is it absolutely necessary for you to be:
      1. Taken placed and bought things or shown in other ways
      2. Or That you hear it in that special way with that special tone of voice
      3. Or That you be touched in that special way
  2. Decide and communicate how you prefer to be loved
  3. Develop the habit of consistently utilizing your partner’s love strategy by:
    1. Remain conscious of not falling back into fulfilling your own strategy
    2. Continue to communicate; state it how you want it, reinforcing new strategies with acknowledgment of and positive response to it fulfilment