Reading Eye Movement

Do you know how to read the meaning of a persons eye patterns. Do you understand what what it means, depending where they look?


Where people look has meaning. It could be thinking in pictures or sounds, recalling or creating a memory. All observable, on the back of some questions and practice.


Ask these questions to determine whether someone is normally organised or reverse organised.

Vr: Visual Remembered

Seeing images from memory, recalling things they have seen before


“What was the colour of the room you grew up in?”

“What colour was the first car you ever owned?”

“What did your first grade teacher look like?”

Vc: Visual Constructed

Images of things that people have never seen before. When people are making it up in their head, they are using Vc.


“What would your room (car) look like if it was BLUE?”

“What would you look like with purple hair?”

Ar: Auditory Remembered

When you remember sounds or voices that you’ve heard before, or things that you’ve said to yourself before.


“Growing up, did you have a favourite pet? What was the sound of your pet’s voice?”

“can you remember the sound of your mother’s voice?”

“What was the first noise you heard when you woke up this morning?”

Ac: Auditory Constructed

Making up sounds you have not heard before.


“What would I sound like if I had Donald Duck’s voice?”

Ad: Auditory Digital

This is where your eyes go when you are talking to yourself – internal dialogue


“Can you recite the Australian National anthem to yourself?”

“Can you say the times tables for 7 to yourself?”

“Can you count from 1-10 in your head?”

K: Kinaesthetic

Accessing feelings and/or how something feels to touch


“Do you have a favourite beach or place in the outdoors to walk? What does it feel like to walk there without shoes?”

“What does it feel like to touch a wet rug?”

“How does rabbit fur feel?”