Are you ever stuck in a situation where you are being challenged or faced with a problem? Would you like to look at it from a different angle?


Reframing is the ability to take the ‘frame’ you are faced with and ‘reframing’ it into the context you want it to be in. It is the most useful skill for getting to a positive outcome.


Start by understanding what has been said to you. Then consider what would be another way of looking at the challenge or problem as an opportunity or positive.

State what you have heard and shift it from where it is to where you want it to go.


  1. Reason: I’m too busy.

Response: Think of all the things you’re miss out on if you’re too busy to make the time to do this. This program isn’t time consuming, it’s time well spent.

  • Reason: It’s too expensive and I don’t earn enough.

Response: The cost of staying stuck in your finances is far greater that the investment in coaching. If you are truly stuck in finances you can’t afford not to invest in a coach.

  • Reason: What you teach won’t work for me.

Response: While you believe that, it won’t work for you. Many people are great at finding reasons why something won’t work. Rather than focusing on what won’t work for you have you ever asked yourself what will work for you? 

  • Reason: I’ve always done things my way, why change.

Response: Have you always done things the way you’re doing them now, or have you made changes along the way? Is it perhaps because you haven’t changed that you’re getting the result you’re getting.

  • Reason: I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work.

Response: The issue isn’t about this not working it’s about you not seeing it through. This has worked for thousands of people and it has been successful.

  • Reason: This stuff is just BS

Response: It’s inflexible thinking that causes someone to stay stuck in their BS.