Remove an Allergy

Would you like to be able to remove an allergy, simply by using the power of your mind?


An NLP visulisation technique used to create an uncionsius barrier in your mind between you and your allergy.


This process is based on the presupposition that allergies are a phobic response of the immune system. It is most useful where: The allergen is KNOWN, and there is a similar logical type to which the person does not do the allergic response. i.e.. if allergic response is to cats, may use a fluffy dog. i.e.. if Allergic response is to peanuts, may use kidney beans.

Steps to the Allergy Alleviator

Preframe: Allergy is a phobia of the immune system & this process re-educates the immune system.

Set anchor for clear breathing/clear eyes (whatever is the opposite of the allergic response). Find a similar thing to which they don’t do the allergic response.

Have them imagine a Plexiglas screen in front of them, on the other side have them imagine the ideal them breathing clear and interacting easily with the thing to which they don’t do the allergic response.

Then have the ideal them interact with the allergen in exactly the same way as with the non-allergen simultaneously firing the resource anchor.

Suggest that the ideal them knows something that they don’t know yet, tell them that your going to have them lift the Plexiglas screen in a moment.

Have them lift the Plexiglas screen and take the ideal them inside, complete with learning’s, while firing the anchor.

Break state

Test and link response to the future.