Sensory Acuity

Do you know what a change in someones face means? Do you know what to look for to see if your message has been recieved?


Having sensory acuity allows you to detect changes that can be happening in an individual at any stage based on physical external changes. Everyone uses these skills each day, unconsciously. The next step is to take it from unconcious to a conscious process.

At the beginning it is all about observation, don’t add any meaning to what you observe in people you observe.

We use sensory acuity unconsciously to infer significance from physical cues, body language, tone and words, then overlay a meaning onto those clues. Sometimes we get this right and other times not. The meaning people give to other’s internal changes are often a reflection of what the observer holds each change to mean. Sometimes people in conversation are inferring all kinds of unintended meanings that each may unconsciously pick up, and then not being aware of how they are allowing their inferences to effect their own state, and then effects how they view the interaction.

Developing sensory acuity is a basic skill, a place from which to develop and reefing rapport, communication skills and responses to people.


Through the application of sensory acuity you can begin to notice changes in a persons face. Start by observing the following:

What else

Wait out on assigning any personal meaning to the changes you notice in a person. Simply notice changes in people and note them as some internal response to the communication that is happening.

Use rapprt and communication skills to determine what response indicates specifically and whether it is empowering or based on internal though that is not in line with the persons goals.