Shifting an Issue

Would you like to be able to shift an issue you are having, simply by shifting into the learning state?


Take advantage of the learning state, leveraging that process to shift your perception and feeling around an issue.


Identifiy the problem and focus on a spot above and in front of you.

“As you focus all of your attention and all of your awareness on the spot, say aloud, the problem? And how is that a problem?”

“Now, go into expanded awareness, shift all of your attention and awareness to the periphery.” “How do you even know that’s an issue?”

“Preserve the positive learning’s for you self and for the future which when you preserve those learning’s now, will allow you to let that old issue go. Just let it go…. preserving the learning’s.” (have the client share the learning’s)

Calibrate shifts, Break state, Test and future pace and repeat as needed.