Shifting Phobia’s

Fears suck, especially when they are for something small. You don’t have to live with them though.


Phobias are often created by chance, created as the result of a negative experience. Ultimately they are a stored piece of information in our minds. Through reframing , shifting perspective or working to remove a phobia, it can be possible to be free of it.


  1. Establish a resource anchor when necessary so the person does not associate into sever trauma.
  2. Confirm one – trail learning and person ability to learn.
    1. A phobia is an intense irrational fear, and what usually happens is that someone has a negative experience and it gets anchored to the stimulus. So because its easy to learn that quickly, its also easy to unlearn it quickly
  3. Discover strategy used for having phobia (use strategy scrambler)
  4. Use a transderivational search; have them go back before the first event.
    1. I want you to get in touch with that fear, and trace it back to the fist event. And then I want you to go to a place of safety before the very first event, are you there?
    2. Get affirmation
  5. Make Movie screen in their mind, and have them do double dissociation so that they go to the projection booth
    1. Now rise above it. Construct a move screen in your mind. Now, not yet but in a moment, ill have you watch that event one last time on the movie screen, and you’ll watch it  from a place of safety at the beginning to a place of safety at the end. But before you do that I want you to imagine sitting in the theatre watching the movie. And now I want you to imagine yourself in the projection booth, watching yourself in the theatre, watching the movie. And in a moment I’m going to have you watch the movie from a place of safety at the beginning to a place of safety at the end , and you’ll watch it in black and white. So go ahead and watch it through one last time now to that place of safety at the end.
  6. Run the movie forward in B/W to the end
  7. Freeze frame at end, and white (or black) out
  8. Have the person associate back into the memory from end and run it backwards in color to the beginning.
    1. In a moment I’m going to have you jump into the place of safety at the end of the movie. And then I’m going to have you run it fast backwards to the place of safety at the beginning. And then you’;; jump back up into the projection booth. So go ahead, jump down into the movie into the place of safety at the end. And now run it fast backward in colour….go!
  9. You may add crazy noises and SMDs eg circus music, every one rock and roll dancing etc.
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until the person cant get the feeling (K) back, or until the memory is not accessible.
  11. Test by checking ecology. i.e) is there still a healthy ability to respond appropriately to the object of prior phobia?
  12. Test and future pace.