Timeline Goals

Setting goals in your timeline is one of the best ways to create positive tention towards your goals.


Leveraging your understanding of your timeline, you can take an image of a goal you want, out into your future.


Before setting a goal in your timeline it’s important to write your goal down, and ensure that it meets the CREATE your outcome criteria.

Goal into the future

Associate into the image of the goal

“Go ahead and step right into the goal, so that you are looking through your own eyes, hearing the sounds around you and feeling the feelings of being right there inside of it.”

Adjust the details of the image

“Now if it’s black and white, change it to color; if you need to adjust the brightness, just turn the brightness right up; make it most compelling for you”

Dissociate from the image

“Now step out of the picture, but leave your body in it so that you see yourself in the picture.”

Rise above the image

“Take that picture in your hands and rise up above the stream of time.”

Energise the image

“Now, energise that picture by breathing 3 deep breaths into the image.”

Image into the future

“Float out into the future, until you’re right up above the date where you said this would occur.”

Insert the image

“Drop the picture down into your timline.”

Look back to now

“Turn and look back off toward the past, and notice that everything that had to happen for that event to occur. It is rapidly shifting in your timeline to support it, at the unconscious level.”

Look forward to the future

“Turn and look off toward the future and notice that the future is changing as well … it’s brighter, more brilliant and more alive.”

Return to now

“Now, knowing that all that is out there waiting for you, come all the way back toward now and right back down into now and into the room.”

Goal Confirmation

Now that you have set a goal into your future, it is important to check that your perception of the future has changed. You can do this be completing one or all of the future pacing processes.

Inductive future pace

Step out to some indefinite time in the future where in the past that old problem might have hindered you or held you back in some way, and notice what happens for you now?

Directonalized future pace

“Go ahead and step out to one month in the future, having made all those changes now. Notice how you are behaving in new and powerful ways. Notice how the people around you are responding differently and more positively toward you in light of the new you that you are presenting in the world, and notice how good it feels to be the kind of person who can create those kind of results easily.”


Use the directionalized future pace first and follow with this.

“Now, what I want you to do is step out 3 months into the future and notice the snow ball effect that this change has had in your life. Notice what’s going on for you. Notice how sure you are inside yourself, the level of personal confidence that you have, and notice how that’s affected the other areas of your life as well. Notice how good that feels inside. Now, as you step out to 10 months into the future notice that you slip up. Notice that you fall into that old pattern of behaviour just for a moment.

But now, go ahead and step out 1 year into the future. And notice how that little slip up only served to give you more momentum towards achieving the outcomes you were committed to achieving. Notice that as you take that change with you, you can see the snowball effect that it’s created in your life. Notice what’s going on for you now one year into the future. And notice perhaps that some things have changed in your life that you wouldn’t even have ever expected. As a result of your having made that change so long ago. Notice how good it feels inside, and notice what you say to yourself in your own mind when you think of hinging the power to take your life in the direction that you choose to take it, want to take it and deserve to take it.”

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