Compelling Introduction

Would you like to know how to introduce yourself in such a way, that people are convinced that you are an authority on the topic you are speaking about. in less than 120 seconds?


There are many elements to being successful when presenting from a stage. This can include what you say, how you say it, the order in which you present information, where you stand, how you introduce yourself and much much more.

Below you will learn about starting with a compelling introduction. The way you introduce yourself so you make it clear you are an authority on the topic you are presenting and that you belong on stage.


Compelling Introduction

You need to communicate who you are, what you have done and why people can trust you. Consider what it is you have done in your life and why that puts you into the position you are in right now to speak to the group. You may also consider starting with a ‘why’ question or statment to anchor the audience into the purpose of your presentation. Consider the following headings.

  • Why question/statement:
  • Thank You:
  • Name:
  • History Snap Shot:
  • Immediate Paste:

Answer these and you should have something like the following.

  • “Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of presenting successfully from a stage?”
  • “Thank you for taking some time our of your day to join me now to chat.”
  • “My name is Robert Way.”
  • “I have spent the last 15 years obsessed with personal development. I have studied it, applied it, taught people how to use it to better their lives. I have done this for Government agencies, private businessess and individuals.”
  • “Most recently I took a group of communications experts through using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic language in content writing to help them expand their use of language.”

So in this introduction I have shared why we are here to prime the audience for the content, thanked them for their time, ensured they remember my name, demonstrated I have a lot of experience (years and years), shown the types of businessess I have worked with so they can see them selves in at least one fo them, and given them an immediate example of me applying the skills I have described in a current context.

All of this can be delivered in less than 120 second, setting up the whole presentation, compelling the listener to pay attention because you know what you are doing.

What Else

When designing your compelling introduction, make sure you consider your audience, what might have caused them to show up and what they will want to get out of the session. Use this thinking to then identify what areas of your life experience best demonstrate you are in a position to have an opinion on the topic. You want to make sure you have a collection of anecdote’s to use for all different scenarios.