I am an experienced consultant who has worked for the last thirteen years’ developing my ability to help Government agencies and businesses succeed. I work for Chalfont Consulting as a Senior Executive’. My core competencies are strategy, analysis and delivery.

My style is honest, flexible, empathetic, practical and results focused. I have a proven track record of quickly integrating with a new team, rapidly understanding the environment and delivering outcomes with my customers. I focus on creating positive connections with people, adding value and getting on with the job.

Pieces of strategy

Become CEO of your Career

I am passionate about helping people find fulfilment in the work they do, be it a contract role or permanent opportunity. Leveraging my obsession with personal development and self-analysis I help people discover their passion, values and goals to help them find work they love.

I have created the personal ‘POPS: Pillars of Practical Strategy’ to help indivduals uncover their perfect career and exactly how to get there. Through workshops, online content and suport you can design your perfect day, year and career.

The Vault

Consultants Vault

Over the years I have found many different strategies, tools, techniques and processes to help create success. ‘Consultants Vault’ is the platform I have used to collect, catalogue and share them. It is my hope that you check it out, sign up and take advantage of it.

So if you are going for a new job, want to be better in your current one, or are looking for something to help you simply be better, sign up to consultants vault now.