Consulting is complex, advisiory, fast and has to be goos for the customer.

I am an experienced consultant who has worked for the last thirteen years’ developing my ability to help Government agencies and businesses succeed. I work for Chalfont Consulting as a Senior Executive’. My core competencies are strategy, analysis and delivery.

My style is honest, flexible, empathetic, practical and results focused. I have a proven track record of quickly integrating with a new team, rapidly understanding the environment and delivering outcomes with my customers. I focus on creating positive connections with people, adding value and getting on with the job.



An effective strategy is not measured by the number of pages, its weight or the sound it makes when it lands on the desk. It is measured the effect it has on your business. Does it elicite action, do people reference it, is it practical.

If not, it is likely missing something. I am passionate about taking weight tested strategic documents, translating them into the POPS: Pillars of Practical Strategy. A simple set of lean canvases that result in clear activities, tactics and objectives teams can focus on day to day.

Business Analysis


The bridge between strategy and delivery is analysis. Identifying business and user needs, developing hypotheses, conducting research, producing prototypes to cheaply prove or disprove ideas and helps to ensure the right thing is build for the right people.

My core competency is analysis, where I focus business and user needs. I am efficient at eliciting information, developing requirements, process models, solution diagrams, use cases, scenarios and user stories.


Project delivery is one of the most rewarding and challenging roles, where you get to see strategy and analysis be transformed into a thing that can be used. Delivery management requires a combination of big picture thinking, detail’s orientation and the ability to negotiate with all involved.

I have contributed to projects as a Delivery Manager cross Government, not for profit and private agencies. I am confident in helping my customers deliver their projects.