What is Coaching?

It has taken me almost 6 years to figure out how coaching fits into a persons every day life. Why would some one pay for a 'life coach'. And what that coach would even do? For me, it breaks down into 4 different areas, depending on what is going on for a person. Transition Coaching... Continue Reading →

What is Transition Coaching?

When you are experiencing a significant change in your life, like loosing your job, changing industries, changing a significant relationship or anything that has to do with a significant shift in your life. Transition coaching is designed to meet you where you are at, more than likely things are kind of bad. And it can... Continue Reading →

What is Rapport Coaching?

If you are in a position where you are activity interacting with multiple people in a day and if you need to be able to influence the outcomes of those interactions, then Rapport Coaching is what will help you. Rapport coaching is 100% focused on how you create a positive connection with your customers, with... Continue Reading →

What is Mentoring?

Having a mentor for different areas of your life is one of the best ways to guarantee your success. I am 100% sure that the mentors in my life have improved my success more than any thing in my journey so far. Learning from someone who you value and trust, that has many more years... Continue Reading →

What is Life Coaching?

There are thousands of life coaches at the moment, all selling you the promise that they can help improve your life. For me, 'life coaching' will not change the world. It will not cure you and instantly make you a success. What it will do is set you up with key strategies and tools that... Continue Reading →

How you say it

The meaning of your #communication will change depending on the tone you use when speaking. It will affect how the person hears you and what they think of what you have said. Your can tonality can go up, be neutral or go down (in the simplest form). My amazing drawing should give you an idea of what you are... Continue Reading →

What is your focus?

You may have just read the blog on focus, if you did you might also like to think through the statements below and flex your analysis muscles. What is the focus for each of these statements, is the focus on what you do want or on what you don't want? Rock and Roll Rob PS.... Continue Reading →

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