Think of Neo in the matrix, he had all of his love focused on one person, Trinity. In previous versions of the matrix, the anomaly had a more generalised focus, on all of humanity. People are no different in our matrix, if you have taken the time to notice peoples Meta programs you will be... Continue Reading →


We sort of covered this in a previous blog, so I will get right to the point. “Do you have a planner? Or do you prefer to live in the moment and take each day as it comes? A in time person is more likely to be in the moment and act on what is... Continue Reading →


When we come up against a challenge in any situation, aside from freaking out and getting angry; there are three key ways (in the context of NLP meta programs) that we might go about responding to a challenge. We will think about it, feel something or make a choice. “Tell me about a work situation... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts

I think if you have read any of my filter blog posts you will have guessed by now that people are complex, but by asking the right questions you can get to know how they see the world. I must say though, I am compelled to point out something I find very important, something I... Continue Reading →


“It’s easy, it is the same as the last project we ran!” said the project manager. It is the same old problem; we like to speak the way we like to speak. It is never about how others do it. The comparison filter will help you understand that some people see sameness only, sameness with... Continue Reading →


I like this meta program, this is the preferred interest filter. Basically people what people are interested in can be categorized into these 5 things and if we want to have great friendships we should take heed of these 5 things and make an effort to engage in the ones our friends like. Interests can... Continue Reading →


People will have a preference when it comes to how they perform a specific focus on their approach to how they tackle a situation. In NLP Meta program terms we are talking about a persons performance filter. It is the natural way they like to get their job done, and it is made up of... Continue Reading →

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