When we come up against a challenge in any situation, aside from freaking out and getting angry; there are three key ways (in the context of NLP meta programs) that we might go about responding to a challenge. We will think about it, feel something or make a choice. ‚ÄúTell me about a work situation... Continue Reading →


People will have a preference when it comes to how they perform a specific focus on their approach to how they tackle a situation. In NLP Meta program terms we are talking about a persons performance filter. It is the natural way they like to get their job done, and it is made up of... Continue Reading →

Body Language

One of the topics we covered very early on in the face to face mastermind group was body language. We looked at some of the most common things you can look for to get an indication of what people are thinking. Have a read of what we talked about, taken from the mastermind manual: The... Continue Reading →

How you say it

The meaning of your #communication will change depending on the tone you use when speaking. It will affect how the person hears you and what they think of what you have said. Your can tonality can go up, be neutral or go down (in the simplest form). My amazing drawing should give you an idea of what you are... Continue Reading →

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