Hypnotic Induction (DE1)

All trance is about learning how to go into a trance. In Elman’s style of hypnosis it’s extremely important that the team member/client follow the suggestions of the operator each step of the way. If the individual is ahead of you, stop the process and back up. You are teaching them to follow instructions; which will allow them to succeed at the deeper levels of trance.

1) “Take a long slow deep breath as I raise my hand above your eyes … just follow my hand with your ~ eyes, and as I bring my hand down, allow your eyes to continue to follow it and exhale, letting

all of the tensions wash away from your body as you RELAX completely … closing your eyes.”

2) “Now Focus your awareness and attention on your eyes. And I want you to relax the muscles around your eyes, so much so, that they will not work. Just relax all the muscles around your eyes

so that they will not work and then I want you to try to open your eyes, only when you’re certain you cannot. So go ahead and try … and find that you can’t.”

3) “Now just allow the same relaxation that you’ve just felt in your eyes to wash over your entire body. From the top of your head all the way DOWN to the tips of your toes, like a warm waterfall of relaxation all the way from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes … ”

4) “Now we can deepen that level of relaxation even more … in a moment, I’m going to ask you to open your eyes, not yet, but in a moment, and when I do I want you to remain deeply relaxed and then when you close your eyes again, just allow it to take you ten times as deep as you are right

now, both physically and mentally. So right now, Open your eyes … (lead their eyes with your hand or

two fingers) And close them going ten times as deeply relaxed as you were a moment ago.

Deeply, deeply, relaxed, dreaming, drifting, dropping, falling, Very good. Now we can deepen that level of relaxation even more. (Repeat 3 -4 x)

5) In a moment, I’m going to test your body for relaxation … I’m going to lift your arm, and if you are as relaxed as you need to be your arm will be limp like a wet rag, or a rag doll … so as I lift your

(right or left) arm, if you’re as relaxed as you need to be, it will fall back into your lap like a limp wet rag … ”

(Lift their arm and drop it back into their lap if it’s not limp, repeat step four)

6) “Good! Now, that same level of relaxation that you felt in your body can also be transferred to your mind. In order to help you relax, I want you to imagine yourself on a beach, sitting at the waters edge. And imagine in your mind’s eye that you have a stick in your hand. Now in a moment I want you to begin to write numbers in the sand and I want you to count from one hundred on backwards. As you write the number you’ll also say it out loud. Then in between every count I want you to double the level of your mental relaxation as you imagine a wave washing the number away. Now say the number 100 as you write it in the sand … ” (Wait for response) “Good … double your level of mental relaxation … and let the wave wash the number away … Say the number 99 … (Response) “Double your mental relaxation … and let the wave wash the number away … say 98 … ” (Response) “Deeper relaxed … watch the wave wash it away … say 97 … ” (Response) “Deeper relaxed … watch the wave wash it away … Now just wash the numbers and the counting right out of your mind … just wash them right out of your mind … disappearing, going, going, gone … evaporating like water on a hot sunny day … Very good.”


8) Count back up, in a moment I’m going to count from 1-5. as I count you will awaken 20% with each count.

  1. Locking these suggestions deep at the unconscious level.
  2. Feeling a sense of vibrancy and alertness returning.
  3. Wondering what it will be like to look with new eyes
  4. Coming all the way up now and

Wide awake, wonderfully refreshed, wide awake

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