Hypnotic Induction (ME2)

SET UP: Perhaps you would be more comfortable with your feet flat on the ground and your finger tips lightly on your lap

1. Have you ever experienced trance before … right now?
If yes, go to 2.
Can you remember the last moment before the last time you fell asleep?

And as you think of that state …

2. Did you experience trance to be similar to the waking state, or different from the waking state?


3. I wonder if you … Can just find a spot to look at comfortably

4. And as you continue to look at the spot, I wonder if your eyes will begin to grow heavy or if they will just begin to

blink …

5. Do your eyes want to continue blinking slowly, or will those eyes to begin to blink more quickly… perhaps they

want to flutter a little before they close … your eyes … and begin to dream?


6. Will you begin to dream now, or will you wait until you are deeper … relaxed to dream?

7. That’s right. And can you notice how heavy your eyes feel … the relaxation?

8. Could you imagine the feeling of being so relaxed right now, that your unconscious begins to drifting, dreaming, drifting, dropping, falling …

dreaming, and drifting …


9. Now I don’t know if you’ve noticed this yet, but have you noticed that one of your hands is beginning to feel differently than the other?

10. And I wonder if that difference in feeling could cause that hand to begin to twitch?

11.And I wonder if that twitching could begin to escalate … and I wonder if you could imagine what it would feel like if that entire hand and arm were filled with helium air, from the tips of the fingers all the way to the shoulder?

12. And as your body gets more and more relaxed, can your hand fee/lighter and lighter causing it to begin to lift ?

13.And as your hand begins to lift, does just one or both hands want to continue lifting, lifting, higher and higher?

14.That’s right. And does the hand (or hands) continue lifting, lifting, lifting as it is, or will the lifting get smoother or less smooth as the hand continues upward toward your face?

15. Now does it slow down or does it get faster and faster as it moves toward your face and touches your face … deepening your relaxation?

16. And will the hand to touch your face gently taking your body further into relaxation?


17. That’s right. Perhaps you won’t even notice how much deeper your relaxation becomes as you slowly rest your hand(s) back on your lap.

18.Perhaps your unconscious now knows here that you can hear yourself dream of everything you know



Count back up, in a moment I’m going to count from 1-5. as I count you will awaken 20% with each count.

  1. Locking these suggestions deep at the unconscious level.
  2. Feeling a sense of vibrancy and alertness returning.
  3. Wondering what it will be like to look with new eyes
  4. Coming all the way up now and
  5. Wide awake, wonderfully refreshed, wide awake

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