Elicit information about interests, preferences, activities and family or friends who are important to them who could serve as other characters in the story.

“What do you like or are you passionate about?”

Get presenting problem or current situation. Find the [NUTSHELL] statement by asking.

“How is that a problem for you now?” (Write in exact words)

Send client away and determine the pest possible solution, lesson or alternative perspective for the person. You can mind read or ask client what the solution might be.

Ask yourself: “What’s the AHA that they need to get which would cause the problem to disappear?”

Chunk up on the problem in your own mind (what is this an example of)? What is a broader/encompassing issue?

Take the answer you come up with and chunk laterally on it by figuring out what are other examples of this issue that pertain to what the client likes or feels is important to them?

Select one of these examples as the metaphor, design a store that can pace the client to an “AHA!” as they relate to the character’s solution.

The positive solution is in the end through a. A character the client can relate to b. A charter in a similar situation who resolves the problem in a win win outcome c. Use a cautionary tale with negative consequences of not taking action.

Call client back. Associate them into the problem. “A moment a go you told me…”

Deliver metaphor and calibrate response.

Rock and Roll


PS. What’s the one thing you don’t do, that would cause the most positive change in your life?

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